Monday, March 07, 2011

solos, collectivized (slight return)

Joe Knight of Rangers (not averse to taking a solo himself):

1) "Boys Keep Swinging", David Bowie: I think Adrien Belew plays this one. Incredibly loud, wild, one off solo like only he can do. I had read that the rest of the band switched instruments on this one which you can tell from the very clumsy drums but it all works perfectly.

2) "Birdmen", Felt: I really think they did the whole cascading guitar line style better than anybody

3) "What do I get?" The Buzzcocks: Nothing wrong with simplicity! Simply mimics the melody but it's great.

4) "Animal Nitrate", Suede: One of the best guitar songs ever period.

Bob Cluness:

Jimi Hendrix - I don't live Today (Live)
What i find weird is that i think Hendrix was such a stellar guitar player, and yet I've never owned any of his studio albums, only his live ones. I think that his studio recordings just seemed lacking to what he was able to produce off the cuff live. This track i think encapsulates him best. A man basically playing the guitar as if he was trying to wrestle and tame a wild animal that spits venomous feedback in your face. a glorious first solo that slows down to near silence before erupting into squalling noise that would make Sonic Youth weep, before all hell breaks loose and the amps melt, finishing the song (and his guitar) off with a single final howl.

About time Jimi made an appearance. And the (studio) "I Don't Live Today" would probably have been my choice, maybe "Third Stone From the Sun". But it's hard to pick.

Primus - The Pressman
Another case of a group that sounded far better live than on record, this coming from their live album "suck On This". Guitarist Larry LaLonde was apparently taught by Joe Satriani and you can definitely hear the influence when the solo erupts on 3:37mins.

Soundgarden - Superunkown
Always had a soft spot for these guys. Kim Thayil's guitar playing i always thought was an example of a technically proficient player deliberately trying to "scuff" up his lead playing as if to seem that he's just smashing the notes willy nilly. Like this one for the heavy Wah Wah abuse 3:50mins in.

U2 - The Fly
What happens when a minimalist guitarist not known for his solos breaks out with some epics shredding? The solo is like his playing, rhythmic and with the bare minimum of notes. But man does he make each note sing! Achtung Baby was the first U2 album i bought off the back of listening to this song. Solo starts at 2:50mins in.

Teenage Fanclub - The Concept
Best indie rock solo ever! And not one but two solos! the first one 2;00 with a glam rock stomp that just seemed so Scottish (don't ask me why) when i first heard it, before finishing the song with a meandering solo jam that trailed off into the sunset. I do remember playing along with this song A LOT when i was trying to learn how to play the guitar in 1992.

Jake Smith:

surprised zz top havent appeared yet.

always loved the squeally harmonics in la grange - 2 solo's no less!



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