Monday, April 18, 2011

In your local newsagent from today, the new issue of The Wire with my cover story on Not Not Fun, the Eagle Rock, LA label that's "just down the road" from us here in South Pasadena. As well as looking at NNF's shift towards more electronic, dance-oriented and high-production sounds, the feature is my second stab at defining the New Generation Sensibility (this being the first go), and in this I was helped hugely by the candour and articulacy of Mr & Mrs NNF a/k/a Britt and Amanda Brown. The piece also previews some of the preoccupations of Retromania.

Some Not Not Fun related audio, text, and video:

a NNF mix of recent and forthcoming tunes done specially for Pontone

another NNF selection of new and preview tunes at the Wire website

blog for Amanda's dance-oriented sub-label 100% Silk

Kiran Sande on Xander Harris at FACT

Tony Herrington blogging about LA Vampires/100 % Silk/Maria Minerva at the Mire

my favourite of the 100% Silk tracks to date: "A Little Lonely"

video by Victoria Cheong using audio by The Deeep

Degree of Freedom from Victoria Cheong on Vimeo.

one of my faves from Tallinn at Dawn