Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"the stock market for your hi-fi"

sometimes with YouTube you'll be looking for something you vividly remember from watching it at the time, but the reality falls short of your memory, or is just off, out of alignment with how you've distorted and amplified it in your mind over the decades...

but other times it's even better than you remember at the same time as being uncannily accurate to your memory of it

so it is with the Rezillos

i have to say, the audacity of the Rezillos performing a critique of Top of the Pops, on Top of the Pops, blew my teenage mind

that said i'm not sure if the one above is the source of my memory or whether it's this other Rezillos on TOTP doing "TOTP"

a couple more TV appearances by the Rezillos doing their one proper hit, live, on Revolver and The Old Grey Whistle Test

"Top of the Pops" is always paired in my mind with another 1978 TOTP performance of a demystification anthem by a punkette-fronted band... at least i could swear X-Ray Spex did "Identity", not their biggest single but a decent-sized hit, on TOTP, but all I can find on YouTube is this

and also this