Tuesday, May 10, 2011

c/o FACT, Felix K's cool mix of moody atmospheric yet groovy yet also unrelenting .... drum & bass!


also in d&b news, a recent and engaging conversation with Photek at Daily Swarm

my first thought on the sub-headline's description of RP as "Bass Culture's Shapeshifting Samurai" was something like "yeah, 'shapeshifting', that's one word for it"

on reflection, i decided that this (as earlier expressed here) was unnecessarily cynical, why wouldn't a musician want to keep moving on, it's not unknown for music genres to reach impasses and dead ends...

after all, when critics keep moving or have diverse taste-portfolios, it's considered a virtue

besides Photek's account of when he decided to jump D&B's ship--end of 1997--is so spot on it's almost righteous in its punctuality:

"Drum and bass became something I didn’t recognize; I didn’t want to compete in that arena. For me, the creative period for d&b was between 1993 and 1997 – then the whole era of “horror” d&b began"

Also enjoyed interviewer Matt Diehl's description of the Photek production style in terms of "uncomfortable tidiness"

that's why the name Technical Itch seemed so perfect for that era of neurotically needlepoint d&B