Tuesday, May 17, 2011

for Carl, newborn junglist!

this is one of Tasmin's fave tunes at the moment *

but lest you think she's this little programmed junglette-robot mini-me

her other top tunes of the mo are


Bieber's all right isn't he? I have "no issue with his existence" either!

The verses on "Blow" remind me, quite pleasantly, of Pink's "I'm Coming Up".

Why are there all these songs at the moment/last year or so that are all about clubs igniting and people getting lit? (Did it really all start with "Dynamite"?). Are people all of sudden partying harder, in much greater numbers?

(There was a slightly PC talk at EMP this year about Ke$ha's [mis]appropriation of Native American imagery. Apparently the tribes aren't upset about inappropriate deployment of symbols outside their proper ritual context, so much as a lack of "consultation". I kept waiting for Adam Ant's name to come up. Or Animal Collective's.)

Going back to Ibiza-pop, this one actually mentions Ibiza and Las Vegas

The little wistful accordion-ish melody-riff refrain is pure Euro-schmaltz, tekno-schlager

Funny how all rappers now have been reduced to the role of that dude with the specs in CC & Music Factory


* rediscovered L Double's "Retreat" off of this comp which was actually in a box of stuff to get rid of (how crazy is that!)

grrrreat selection by the mighty Rider (see how many ticks!) although annoyingly a lot of the tunes are faded out early (something that mars that other 94 classic comp Breakdown's Drum & Bass Selection 1)