Friday, August 26, 2011

cf DEV's "In the Dark"

another song i'm loving hearing on the radio

sort of Cardigans overdosing on Red Bull

(like DEV though another offputting video)


there are a LOT of songs on the radio that are fun, super-exciting, mad catchy etc

but that equally are

* not breaking any new ground whatsoever

* don't have any content as such

* don't have any character as such either

(which has a lot to do with AutoTune turning everybody into OmniBotSinger ... case in point, Britney, where what's distinctive about her - the husky croak in her voice - is extinguished by the Antares-Adorno effect)(one reason Ke$ha stands out is that she's found a way to convey personality through/despite AutoTune)

an interesting state of affairs, especially for people whose job (or inclination) it is to write about pop... in the absence of anything much going on in those three categories (innovation / content - resonance / personality) what is there to say? the redescription of such pristinely functioning and anonymous pleasure-machinery seems superfluous... these songs explain themselves, they are purely sensation-al