Friday, October 07, 2011

dude's got a Morton Feldman tattoo

cool avantclassical mix there from Daniel of Ital/Sex Worker/Mi Ami

thinking about ink, it struck me recently (perusing a tattoo-culture periodical at the magazine store--they fascinate me, the same way that bodybuilding mags and fashion mags fascinate: the extreme lengths people go to in pursuit of an ideal of beauty... extremes of suffering and discomfort)that you hardly ever see a tat that is modernist/minimal in design... a Peter Saville type tat, a Neville Brody type tat... tattoos tend to be ornate, all filigree and curvilinearity and intricate detail... even the small tasteful inconspicuous tats you see, they're hardly ever stark, angular, geometric... now is this because of the nature of the human body surface? modernist/minimalist wouldn't work because the skin surface isn't flat, but that's not a problem with more frilly-curvy designs?

so kitsch, rather than avant-garde, works better when it comes to human flesh?