Friday, October 07, 2022

From Budweiser to Bodhisattva

It was great fun reacquainting myself with the uuurv of Beastie Boys for this Tidal piece on Check Your Head, which is published in partnership with the  record-of-the-month club Vinyl Me, Please. There's also a playlist I pulled together juxtaposing Beastie tracks with formative influences and fellow travelers. 

Nothing beats Licensed To Ill of course (my favorite album of that year - or maybe equal first with The Queen is Dead). But there's moments across Paul's Boutique, Check and Ill Communication that get quite close. 

Funnily enough my favorite song on their transitional third is the least-Beastlie: "Namasté", which is more like Licensed to Chill. A floaty and flickering fusion-funk jam worthy of,  oh I dunno, Idris Muhammad or somebody like that. MCA sounds like he's already a good way along The Path to Bliss. 

Another good one in their new laidback and non-bratty mode