Sunday, October 16, 2022



On a bit of a creative tear at the moment, Matthew Ingram has just published a new tome - a graphic novel / comic book entitled TPM

It's funny and eerie. Subtly unsettling. And beautifully drawn - the body postures and expressions of the characters, the composition of scenes, the interior and exterior backdrops, bear the distinctive Ingram line. 

Without wishing to give away too much of the plot, it involves a company whose specialty is psychic marketing a.k.a transpersonal marketing (the TPM of the title).

Without wishing to pin it down too much, TPM feels like it belongs to a mini-genre of "uncanny workplace" dramas. (Severance would be a recent example).  

Someone really should take TPM and turn it into a TV series or a long-form animation. 

You can read more about the genesis and inspiration of this latest Woebot masterpiece at Matt's blog - it's fascinating stuff, emerging as you might expect from the research into the nexus of spirituality, health, and the counterculture that led to Retreat, and to Matt's imminent publication The S Word that combines his recent blog epics with new essays.

You can buy a  hard copy of TPM direct from Matthew by sending money to Paypal address Prices for one copy as follows: 

UK Standard: £13.61 Tracked: £18.79

EU Standard: £16.30 Tracked: £21.17

USA Standard: £19.46 Tracked: £23.91

It can also be bought via Amazon, where this is also a digital Kindle version on offer