Sunday, April 11, 2021

Gods of the Hammer

!An exciting addition to the small body of gabber literature! 

Sbrang Gabba Gang: Gabber Reconstruction of the Universe, by Riccardo Balli

By an Italian but in English, written in a style that resembles the LOUD energy of a S.Wells sluiced through the unforgiving yet gleeful anti-humanism of a Biba Kopf, this monograph maps Italian Futurism onto gabba, and vice versa. So it's an intellectual entertainment - penned by one who knows viscerally whereof he speaks... who's sweated and stomped in the four-to-floor forge 'till the crack of dawn, and beyond...  been battered by drop-hammer bassdrum and blasted by hoover-noise...  soaked up the sensations and survived to make sense of the senselessness. 


You can get the book here or here or here 

Check out the praxis (deejaying, producing, running a label) to the theory at Balli's Bologna-based operation 

Some of Balli's previous publications


Wednesday, March 24, 2021

K vs K mindclash

My boy Kieran Press-Reynolds with news of a Repeater Radio meeting-of-minds tomorrow: 

"This Friday, I'm talking with Kit Mackintosh about his book Neon Screams: How Drill, Trap and Bashment Made Music New Again - discussing dancehall, squeak rap, conspiracy theologies, ad-lib posthumanism and more. After, we're doing a 2-hour mix-off live — it's going to be a ton of fun."

Start time: 8 pm UK / 4pm East Coast / 1 pm West Coast - Friday March 26 2021.  

You can also catch Kieran's latest Ctrl Alt Repeat show  - "Astral Squeaks: How Hyperspeed Squeals and Alien Whispers Became Rap's Final Frontier" - featuring tunes from 645AR, meat computer, Lazy God, Cartier God, Axxturel, sellasouls, islurwhenitalk, Yameii Online, lungskull, kmoe, Wxlfcrxw etc  -  archived at Mixcloud

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

phuture dancehall and non-verbal strangeness

 A couple of Repeater-things of interest to the parish - 

Kit Mackintosh whets appetites for his forthcoming Neon Screams: How Drill, Trap and Bashment Made Music New Again with a proof-of-concept mix that vaults through four decades of dancehall delirium. Already aired on Repeater Radio, it's archived for your delectation here

Tomorrow, Thursday 18th March, 2 pm Pacific, there's the online launch for Lesley Chow's You're History: The 12 Strangest Women in Pop, a constantly surprising and thought-provoking book  tracing a non-linear lineage through mainstream pop of non-verbal bliss, irruptive sensuality, and mouth-music magic -  a counter-canon of oozy oohs and sweet nothings that takes in Chaka Khan, Janet Jackson, TLC and Tom Tom Club among others. Chow will be in dialogue with parishioner Anwen Crawford. Information about how to attend here.  

In their shared focus on phonetic phuturism and liquified language Neon Screams and You're History are curiously complementary, yet do not overlap at all.