Thursday, May 16, 2024

Futuromania chat

Had a great in-depth chat with Melbourne's Charlie Miller for his 3RRR FM show Frantic Items, which airs later today (meaning Sunday, since Australia is already in the future - 6pm local time)

Update: the show is archived here


Had a really good chat with Günseli Yalcinkaya for Dazed magazine addressing "the anti-humanist tone" versus the quirky all-too-human individuals and desires that animate machine music, and much  much more besides. 

A kind of rehearsal for our conversation at Rough Trade East on Sunday June 23 (6pm)

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

remorseless writing machine (and it don't stop)

Kieran Press-Reynolds churns out some more: 

piece  on the "influencer horror videogame" Content Warning for New York Times

interview with Justice for GQ

an overview of a new genre of ambient rap for Nina 

tasters for the latter:

"iokera helped define the scene’s sound by emphasizing naturalistic elements (“rhythmic foliage”) like bug noises and ASMR sounds.... Listening to iokera’s track “vines”... it feels like you’re lying down in a butterfly vivarium, being gently nibbled by sweet insects."

"cutspace is obsessed with writing systems, from engravings and graffiti across New York to Cuneiform and ancient scripts. Online, he presents himself as something like a fried academic, writing about his work recovering “long-decommissioned audio munitions” and describing his page as a research institute dedicated to asemics, or language that doesn’t have a meaning"

A mix that juxtaposes tracks from the scene with precursors and influences

New York-based DJ & producer umru invites New York-based researcher .cutspace to present his latest findings following extensive investigations into the lurid glyphics emerging across the city, using on-the-ground fieldwork and an assessment of the existing and relevant research matter to achieve a better understanding of what’s going on. Sources referenced include Steve Reich, A. G. Cook & Moh Baretta.

.cutspace & viznode — ID

Steve Reich — It’s Gonna Rain

Alexander Panos — ID

.cutspace & umru — ID

Fatshaudi — Emptyo Heart You Love

Keith Rowe — The Room (Extract)

margo proxy — Agor; loaves

MOH BARETTA — ID (prod. .cutspace)

alva noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto — reverso

heoliene — i11: deep storage

.cutspace — ID

kindohn — DELETE malone

xang — wit my homie (prod. felix + .cutspace)

Tiago Benzinho — El Sueño Americano | Wild Swans Shall Never Be Conquered

Young Thug — RiRi

Steve Reich — Drumming, Pt. 1

Tim Hecker — The Work of Art in the Age of Cultural Overproduction

Brian Eno — By This River

Bb Trickz — Llorando en la prada

Nosaj Thing & Jacques Greene — Too Close (feat. Ouri)

Speaker Knockerz — Dap You Up

A. G. Cook — Britpop

umru & .cutspace — ID

umru & Empress Of — ID

Life Without Buildings — The Leanover (A. G. Cook edit)

bloody shield — allofasudden (500 edit)

umru — ID

blankfac3 — # _Pai (prod. o0o & umru) 

Jewelssea — _Destination Unknown

umru & .cutspace — ID

Shabjdeed — Nasheed

RealYungPhil — Can’t Hack It (Gud)

LUCY (Cooper B. Handy) — FRIDAY (umru dirge)

Sunday, May 12, 2024

mixing it up with Matos

I had a ton of fun talking with Michaelangelo Matos for his substack Beat Connection - about Futuromania, electronic music, radio, my other books - with  the chat structured around five deejay mixes,  as that is Beat Connection's focus. The selection was bookended by two Radio One classics: John Peel's legendary Punk Special from December '76, Rustie's Essential Mix of April 2012. From back-to-barebones rock 'n'roll  to maxed-out neo-prog digi-dance. 

Along the way, I got reintroduced to these old favorites: UK garage from before either "speed" or  "2step" kicked in, which I first heard via another of Matos's selections: Tuff Jam's Underground Frequencies Volume One

Matos noticed that one of Basement Jaxx had some involvement in that gorgeous, gorgeous Mutiny track.