Monday, June 28, 2004

Imminent hiatus alert. The annual holiday looms. Same place as
last year, same place as every year. Two weeks in Sutton-on-Sea. The beach is a bit shingly, the pier's seen better days, and Mrs Eames is a bit of a stickler. But her breakfasts are smashing--best fried bread you'll ever taste.

Before I get packing though I would just like to trumpet the return of Bizzy B with the Science EP Vol 3 which is all new material and mashup deathray-riffing darkcore (bigupyachest sponsor Mikey Paradinas), concur with Woebotnik that Favela Funk rules (bigupyachest benefactor Davey Moynihan), while we're on the "Shanty House" (luvvit) meme also endorse Gogol Bordello Vs Tamir Muskrat which is on some kind of Balkan- equivalent-to-Desi ravepunkteknofolk tip, commend Egg's Don't Postpone Joy (tasty glicky microhaus-y and the title of course encapsulates my philosophy of life in a nutshell) and Akufen's Fabric 17 mix (mmmm, squelchy), admire the horn-tastic jagged languidity of Juvenile's most atypical sounding "Slow Motion", consider the possibility that J-Kwon's new single might in fact be extremist beat of the year while still not being totally certain it's actually enjoyable, and in conclusion note that the new Orb elpee Bicycles & Tricyles is not half bad at all.

All this and Dizzee & Mike Skinner on the same bill tomorrow night!

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