Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Unexpectedly gloomy state o' Grime report from Silverdollarcircle--who's now officially the Don when it comes to ground-level grime coverage. Must admit this is the vibe i've been getting off the bulk of pirate tapes that people've been kind enough to send my way (the notable exception being Ruff Sqwad as referenced--and sent-by simonSDC). Still only a few weeks ago Simes was positively burbling about how fertile the scene was, wasn't he? So maybe this is one of those Lull things you hear about that periodically afflict scenius-oriented culcha-rhizomes. Plus maybe summer weather's simply bad for music, and especially for dark ghetto-minded wintry-vibed music like Grime.

(Of course I wouldn't say "no" to another paradigm-shift from the 'Nuum either... 'sbout that time, surely.)

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