Sunday, June 13, 2004

The Lull

Some of them got taken out by the sudden apprehension of futility. Others, by an abrupt urge to travel to the other side of the world. Dissertations turned sticky, writer's block, draining new jobs in record stores, newspaper reviews of biographies received as uncanny signals to oneself.... there's plenty of reasons to stop.

Me, it was a thumb injury. It'd be kinda cool if it was a blogging-related injury (a world first?). It wasn't but it was certainly a blogging-disabling injury. There was also the certain matter (i'll have you know Mark!) of having a bleedin' book to finish.

Must admit the interval of enforced inactivity also caused the urge to fade somewhat. Like muscles atrophying with non-use. I'm feeling my way back into this. A proper post later this week. Probably. Possibly.

Big SHOUT to the Kept On Churning It Out Crew--kpunk, simonsilverdollar, stelfox, geeta, et al.

PS. here's a new entry by someone else who's been keeping very quiet of late

PPS Come back Matt!!!

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