Monday, June 09, 2008

hauntology in The Guardian, albeit rebranded as "psychogeographic rock"

this bit is almost too perfect to be true!

"By day... Harding is a town planner in Solihull; by night and weekend he makes music that is inspired... by "municipal parks at dusk", "concrete precincts" and "old ordnance survey maps."

Along with July Skies (top songtitle: "The Ruined And Disused Churches Of Norfolk") and Avrocar, Harding is also semi-member of Epic45, whose Hood-like May Your Heart Be the Map is a kind of ex-concept album: it started out inspired by the post-plague depopulated Britain reclaimed by wilderness of Seventies TV series The Survivors but then evolved in a different direction, with only ghostly residues of the original concept still clinging...