Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Scott of Celler Dweller, long since mutated from mp3 blog to subscriber-only mail-out, just let loose "a slab of proper nosebleed biznezz from Wishdokta"--"M.A.D (Massive Audio Disturbance)", Kickin, 1992--along with some information I didn't know: that Wishdokta was "an early alias of garage don Grant Nelson" aka Bump N' Flex, N'n'G, and a dozen other identities. Scott further points out that Nelson had an 'ardkore side-outlet called Naughty Naughty.
Judging by this Nelson seems to have kept on producing H-core (often in tandem with ultimate cheddarmeister DJ Vibes) right up to the very eve of speed garridge, in fact.

So let's get this straight--the bloke who co-created nuttE wobbler "Rushing the House" in '92 and happy-dark stomper "Obsession (Music's So Wonderful)" in '93 is the exact same bloke who made sublimely nubile
2steppa "Step 2 Me" in 1998 and incomparably slinky garage glide "Liferide" in 1999? And to think there are actually people out there who don't believe in the existence of the hardcore continuum!