Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some people had issues with this piece, i'm not entirely sure why, OK quibbles can be made here and there, but the overall argument seems pretty undeniable. But, if one final piece of evidence needed to be marshalled to close the case it sought to make, then it's surely arrived with this single and things it's inspired such as this

Ninny rap!

Elsewhere in beyond-self-parodyland, the video for Ace Hood's "Cash Flow" (is that a protection racket they're running?), where I was struck by the "Money Never Sleeps" T-shirt. The slogan seemed almost like a vernacular version of Fredric Jameson's idea of finance capital as our new version of the Sublime: monstrous and abstract, indifferent to humanity, this remorseless, rampaging force of shark-like voraciousness... (I've been rereading Postmodernism, Or The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism). Then I realised it's one of Gordon Gecko's catchphrases. Indeed it's the title of the Wall Street sequel due out next year. Does this mean the Eighties never ended?