Friday, February 18, 2011

"As long as you don't mention hauntology..,"--Miles Whittaker, Demdike Stare

Demdike Stare, it has to be said, lean to the hauntological side of things. Just a bit.

How hauntological are Demdike Stare? As hauntological as a dog-eared and yellowing 1971 paperback of The Owl Service protruding out of the pocket of Jim Jupp's corduroy trousers. As hauntological as a frosty winter evening spent round Baron Mordant's gaff watching faded VHS recordings of The Stone Tape and The Changes while sipping on a steaming mug of Bovril.

Truth to tell, Demdike Stare are ruddy hauntological. They couldn't really be more hauntological if they assembled their records following the guidelines in a booklet issued by the British Hauntological Council.

Demdike Stare are hauntological by day. Hauntological by night. Hauntological at work. Hauntological at play.

Demdike Stare are hauntological and I claim my ten shillings in the old money.