Wednesday, February 16, 2011

strange days are these, PopTime's all twisted up like traversable tagliatelle...


the great Roedelius of Cluster etc on his alliance with... Lloyd Cole!

"At the time, I knew nothing of or about Lloyd Cole or his career as a bard on a guitar. His 2001 album, Plastic Wood, was a revelation for me in issues of contemporary electronic music-- Cole, a brother in spirit? Without asking his permission, I set to work adding in small melodies, tiny little particles of abstract soundscapes. My hope was to draw out the inner beauty of these studies while leaving their essential character intact.... I can only wholeheartedly welcome the [forthcoming} collaboration [for Hamburg's Bureau B label] between Lloyd and myelf, because we both get the opportunity to demonstrate whether we are really very much brothers in spirit, and if so, how."

via AZ