Monday, February 14, 2011


if Moanad was vaguely postpunk, Chunks is not-so-vaguely pre-punk ("chunks" as in "boogie til you blow chunks" i presume), but finding in British bluesy hard rock surprisingly similar traits of fracture and angularity, clarity of form and exposed structure Pompidou Centre-style... but there's a lot more going on here than the Groundhogs/Wire nexus, tracks i'm at rather a loss to describe... his best yet I think

get the ltd edition vinyl here, the compact disque here

actually it's Woebot full-spectrum dominance this month: check out Matthew's piece on the Cambridge Scene in this month's Wire... with figures like Pete Um (Position Normal if he'd recorded for Mille Plateaux, kinda, some of the time anyway) he's really onto something, as per bleeding usual

and now the year finally gets going

also cool

definitely not the next Micachu & the Shapes album according to the press release, and not, on the face of it, a terribly enticing concept: Mica Levi + symphony orchestra + the ghost of DJ Screw. I can't decide if this is a Nico Muhly-esque move or a These New Puritans-esque move, but it's surprisingly listenable, mostly on account of Mica's always-appealing vocal texture, stretched out here in imitation of screw's slowed-down voices.

Hans Dens a/k/a the house mate of Dolphins Into the Future, would you believe... and probing similar Iasos/J.D. Emmanuel zones. Above is the cassette Future Life Reloaded, which is the Part Three and Part Four to the vinyl Future Life's Part One and Part Two (which I slightly prefer)... oh and i guess when you buy the LP the cassette comes with it... I wonder if Lieven and Hans know/like Drexciya?

before they made junglistic hardcore like "baptised by dub"/"rebaptised by dub", they were a britrap crew, collected works thereof collated on this rephlex comp

ruff beats producing the bass