Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lloyd Cole's plastic wood lp of ambient electronic miniatures (not bad at all actually) got me thinking about Rock-Identified Chaps Having A Go At Electronic Music

Two categories here:

1/ Rock-Identified Chaps who Have Actually Had A Go At Electronic Music

2/ Rock-Identified Chaps who Haven't Had A Go At Electronic Music But You Wouldn't Mind If They Did (Because It Might Be Half-Decent)

in 1/ a couple immediately spring to mind

Paul McCartney, who recently did the Fireman project with Youth


Bob Mould, who did the electronica-influenced album Modulate

(I would also mention Bowie for Earthling but then with side two of Low he was making electronica back almost in parallel with Cluster)

(Pete Townshend has a whole room full of analogue synths but did he ever do more with it than the intro to "Won't Get Fooled Again" and frilly bits in "Baba"?)

(Pete Shelley doesn't really count because he did Sky Yen before Buzzcocks and then went synthpop solo...

As for 2/ Rock-Identified Chaps Who Haven't Had A Go At Electronic Music But Might Make A More-Than-Decent Fist of It


Paddy Macaloon?

The Edge?

Kate Bush?