Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Resonance blogg doc available for download chez Woebot

Luka sounds grime, not just that lean, hungry grain o' the voice, but he's got those halting, racing-ahead, nervy speech patterns, he could be Dizzee's cousin!

Mark sounds extremely chilled.... if i didn't know better I'd swear K-Punk was puffing onna spliff before Magz did the interview :)

Also like the twinkly idyllictronic music-of-the-bloggspheres in the background throughout

I understand where Matt's coming from in his is-it-all-over?/was-it-all-a-dream? ruminations. Personally if I'm burned at the moment, it's owing to circumstances that have nothing to do with blogging. And there's various other people who've been taken out by life-stuff (good to see Jon Dale back BTW). I actually have about forty topics I've been wanting to blog about (no seriously, but i might just have to scribble the core idea as a single phrase or sentence in here, and then, being quite a bright lot, you can just work out the rest of it yourselves). There just never seems to be the time (oughter be working right now to be honest).

I also think if there's a bit of a energy deficit at the moment bloggworld-wise it's actually because pop (including for these purposes semi-pop, downright-unpop, etc) music is not honestly coming up with the goods at the moment. Well it's generating good stuff in the sense of discrete items of brilliance (the end-of-year list, which may be the next thing up here actually, is going to be pretty gargantuan, like last year, like every year). The trouble with discrete items of brilliance, though, is that you pile them up and you can make quite a towering, idioysyncratic, reflects-well mound of theme, but there's gonna be that air of inconsequentiality.
Pop/semipop/unpop etc is by and large failing to come up with the startling new formations that would provoke a massive burst of discursive energy (a la Grime which provided, and even several years on still provides, a host of dissension points and cruxes of argument). The energy centres of 2004 -- grime, dutty south, dancehall, psych-folk, dfa--are the same ones that were bubbling in 2002. At the same time, don't particularly sense any great amount of animation coming from the pop-ist end of things at the moment, unless the umpteenth rehashing of rockism-bashing gets your blood boiling. Yup there's an entropic feel at the moment, more than likely related to what's been going on in the real world. And fair enough really.

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