Friday, March 25, 2005

Gutterbreaks mystifyingly thrilled and 'thralled by the new Daft Punk. Still he makes a good case, almost enough to make me go back to it for a ninth go.

The "it's a rock record" point is a bit glaringly obvious, though. Trouble is, it's rock like Judas Priest is "rock", like the Scorpions is "rock".

Nice stuff on "Make Love," the only track I'd be sad never to hear again, with Nick comparing it to Cluster and quoting Eno on the latter's jam science. Nick concurs/concludes with:

"That's essentially what I get from "Make Love" - a sense of total immersion within a meditative state of playing the same thing over and over again."

Mmm, that must be why it's named after making love then!

The relevation that DP used to be huge S3 fans is also intriguing (can see the line between the sheer glistening cleanliness of Playing with Fire or that first Spiritualized album and Forever; also the repetition thing... but with Human After All the monotony crosses a line into something horribly fixated... is it the difference between 'repetitive' and 'repetitious' maybe?... the riffs are like cyborg nervous tics. looped for ever... it's like they've realized the grotesqueness within rock/pop/funk/disco etc that Devo gestured at with "Uncontrollable Urge".... it's all the more abased for being so utterly sterile and clinical... hence the Judas Priest/Scorpions analogy).

Also enjoyed the G-man's auteurist trawl through the oeuvre entiere of Monsieur Vibert. Beats me, too, why Throbbing Pouch is not more generally ranked up there with Endtroducing.
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