Saturday, June 18, 2005

Stop Press: Really Feeling Update

Lethal Bizzle, Against All Oddz (V2)
Weird thing, the best ones are the slow tunes: the feat. Kele Le Roc R&G ballad "Slow" and most of all the title track, an amazing eerie-melancholy evocation of what it felt like after the More Fire album flopped. Closer to spoken word than rap, it's kinda like a grime's counterpart to Go4's "Paralysed"... a man washed up, at his lowest point, feeling like he's "finished, no one". Nobody wanted to know... but now, career resurrected by "Pow", everyone wants to know Lethal Bizzle. "This world is so strange": "Against All Oddz" makes a perfect companion track for Kano's equally mellow-tempo tune "Sometimes," an odd doubt-creased pause in the MC's upward arc in which he seems to momentarily stand outside his own striving for the prize.
In both songs the young rappers seem almost to see right through the Game.

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