Thursday, December 01, 2005

tiny wee thing by me on saint etienne presents Finisterre

crucial missing line re. skipping the 19th Century between sentence two and sentence three:

"You get little sense of the city as Dickens would have understood it: the hustle-bustle of a place where people work and produce."

And I didn't have space to even mention the fact that its flow of near-stills are interleaven with interview fragments with similarly invisibilized people (artists, musicians, novelists, bob stanley's missus) and has a voiceover delivered by veteran thesp Michael Jayston in the woody-prissy tones of a 1960s educational film; the text--evocative if occasionally a wee bit Dylan Thomas-manque (“ringtones and ringpulls… Belgian beers, tears and fears, four to the floor”), and penned by the director Kieran Evans with Stanley and pop mythographer Kevin Pearce

Well worth viewing though and i am v. keen to see the next Saint Etienne Presents movie which just got aired publically in the UK I believe

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