Wednesday, January 11, 2006

mike powell, evocative and thought-provocative, on ghostbox and ariel pink.

his comments re. half-erased or never-quite-attained songform viz the focus group are interesting--doesn't the word "dub" come from duppy, meaning "ghost"?

also cool was mike's bringing in of the Caretaker's brand-new batch of free downloads. i'd forgotten about the Caretaker stuff completely but that apparational, ectoplasmic sound totally aligns with ghostbox. in fact, back in a may 2004 feeling/really feeling/not feeling i described We'll All Go Riding on A Rainbow thusly:

"makes me think of seances for some reason -- eerie, sort of position normal from beyond the grave, no solid form whatsoever, just tenebrous emanations"

and of course that first position normal record was a big thing for julian house.

what all this suggests is the coalescence (real slow like, and it could certainly do with a few extra recruits; most likely they're already out there and i don't know 'em) of a whole new genre or network of shared sensibility, comparable perhaps to "isolationism".

"hauntology" is my early bid for a name, for the Derrida spectrality resonance, but there must be a snappier--or conversely, more phantasmal and amorphously flavorful one--so get your thinking caps on people!

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