Thursday, June 08, 2006

More Wyatting--or rather a prototype version exploiting a different sort of design flaw.

Whose author Tim also recalls: "One time my friends and I from the now defunct Hudson Valley Experimental Arts Society (HvEXAS) did a performance piece that involved us playing Masonna's "Inner Mind Mystique" (supposedly the loudest album ever recorded, though I could be mistaken) at top volume simultaneously through 6 seperate headphones at the listening booths in a local Barnes and Noble. The result was a "quiet" noise performance, though still loud enough to irritate the hell out of browsers and onlookers. "

And the prototype of prototypes: those stories of Cabaret Voltaire driving around Sheffield in a van with tape-loops of weirdnoiseshit playing out the back. Or bringing a reel-to-reel player into a pub and emitting similar Normal-baiting noises, which I guess is building/bringing your own jukebox if you think about it....

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