Thursday, August 10, 2006

Woebot feeling, just a little bit, the dubstep

That's kinda what I thought at Dub War the other month: the leading edge was most definitely the half-step. The slower the better. At times almost like jungle, screwed. Conversely, when dubstep goes midtempo and sprightly, it's like breakstep all over again, or that early Wookie track ("Scrappy"?), this sort of fidgety fuss-funk, useless.

He's right you know about Koxbox (they're from Denmark actually). I saw them play at a psy-trance rave in Puerto Rico (no really I did--a story for Spin). Great sproiiiinnng-y sounds flying hither and thither, like a clockwork mechanism disintegrating and scattering spindles and cogs everywhichway. Very drum'n'bass-like in the penchant for processing and drastic FX (hence why Matt's psy-trance friend dug "Terminator", clearly). The big buzzword in psy was "twisted", meaning heavily-effected (a sound that didn't have any effects on it was called "flat" and the psy-trancers hardly went in for flat at all). At this point (2000, some time after it was called Goa) the vibe had gotten quite darkside; in fact I was told that psy-trance nights were structured to have a "dark" phase usually during those few dead of night hours just before dawn. That Posford guy (can't believe Matt knows him), Hallucinogen also played, as did Hamburg's X-Dream, who were really raw and bare and heavy.

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