Thursday, October 19, 2006

I haven't seen a copy myself but apparently the new issue of The Wire is on the (UK) stands and has Joanna Newsom on the cover plus a piece by me that doubles as a profile of Ghost Box (plus kindred spectres Mordant Music and Trunk) and as a treatise on hauntology/memoradelia/eldritchtronica, retro culture, etc. The illustrations were done by Julian House and judging by the advance glimpse of one of the photomontages I got, really

There were lots of affiliates and affiniates I would have liked to pull into the piece
(Broadcast, Mount Vernon Arts Lab, English Heretic/Queasy Listening, Oggum, etc) but even with The Wire already being exceedingly generous with space, it would have got too diffuse, so I focused on the main guys. At the end of the issue's shelf-life I'll be posting deleted scenes/tangents/later thoughts/etc and perhaps follow up some of these other tentacles.

Check out also the November issue of ArtReview, which has a piece by me on the
imminent (very imminent actually) Museum of Modern Art retrospective of the Residents short film and video oevure. Details:

The Residents: Re-Viewed, October 19–22, MOMA
Program 1 on Thursday, October 19, 6:00 and Saturday, October 21 2.00:
Tim Thoughts, Part 1–15 (2004); Third Reich ‘n Roll (1976); Constantinople (2000); Harry the Head (1991); One-Minute Movies (1980); Kick a Picnic (2000); He Also Serves (2000); This Is a Man's World (1984); Bad Day (2000); Benny (2004); Teddy (2001); Viva LV (2004); Vileness Fats (1972–1976); Eskimo, Part 1 (1979–2002) (Walrus Hunt; Birth; Arctic Hysteria; Angry Angakok).
Program 2 on Thursday, October 19, 8:30 and Sunday, October 22, 6:00. Tim Thoughts, Part 16–30 (2004); Gingerbread Man (2000); Jelly Jack (1993); One-Minute Movies (2005); Stars Stripes (1997); Burn Baby (2000); Hello Skinny (1980); Eskimo, Part 2 (1979–2002) (Spirit Steal a Child; Festival of Death); Disfigured Night (1997–2002).
Program 3 on Friday, October 20, 6:00, and Sunday, October 22, 4:00: Demons Dance Alone ( 2002)
Further information

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