Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fascinatingly in-depth interview with Todd-Is-God Edwards by Michaelangelo Matos

As if to celebrate the imminent(ish) publication of Marooned with its Matos-penned appreciation of History of Our World Part 1: Breakbeat and Jungle Ultramix By DJ DB, there is an old skool party called History of Our World, Pt 1 happening in NYC this Friday, April 27 -- it's at Love, 179 MacDougal Street (at 8th Street), tax on the door is $5 before 11, $10 before 1 AM -- it's "tag team mayhem": DB spinning with Dara, Jason Jinx, Riff Raff Crew, Monkey Allen, Madchester Set -- there's a showing of 24 Hour Party People at 9 PM and the music starts at 11 PM and then goes to 6-AM. Which is when Tasmin has been waking up lately... but while I won't be lasting til the breakadawn, I am going to try make this one -- if I can shake off this post-EMP cold, that is.

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