Wednesday, May 23, 2007


* Hay Festival Saturday May 26; location-- the British Legion:
---6pm: 'To Hell with Mike Read' rock quiz with me (supplying postpunk questions), Nick Kent, John Harris.
---8pm: 'To Hell with Music Journalists', same as above discussing on British rockwrite/music press.
---9pm: 'In the Pines' some sort of folk-ish club: live bands of folk-ish persuasion interspersed with deejaying from the three crits (postpunk in my case)

* Borders with Don Letts Thursday May 31--event starts at
6.30pm. Free admission, tickets available from the store or telephone (t) 0207 379 8877 (not honestly sure why tickets are required if it's free but that's what it says in the mail-out)

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