Thursday, May 21, 2009

two responses to the "I Hate ___ " 2009 Remix challenge:

Zone Styx Travelcard

and The Nevermind Aesthetic (scroll down to the end of the post)
(who actually designs the T-shirt, virtually, but still!)

Still ruminating on what I would put in the ___

(Perhaps like Johnny Lydon I've reached that age where one's inner resources of nihilation and intolerance have dried up... reading K-Punk, whose supplies are still bountiful, always makes me feel horribly reasonable and balanced and see-the-other-side-y)

(tangentially this reminded me of something I stumbled on the other week, one of those meta-blogs/aggregation machines that scarf up text for purposes unknown... a press release for this art event I participated in Dallas a few years ago had seemingly got translated into a foreign language and then back into English [the internet is a strange, strange place innit?].... the result came out like this:

"Simon Reynolds is a music attacker and novelist."

Ha! Then again, that could be a job description of the rock critic, at least in the grand old days -- as false-idol smasher / myth-ifying weaver of fictions.

Also liked this bit on the other critic involved in the event:

"Bruce Hainley is barb to superintendent of graduate study in dislike and argument at the Art Center College of Design")