Tuesday, June 09, 2009

late hate

Kek W says:

"Actually, I Hate Throbbing Gristle"

(mainly for them reforming)

"It also goes without saying that I Hate Jack White. I Hate The Manic Street Preachers. etc, etc.

"I Hate Nick Cave.

"I Hate PJ Harvey.

"I really Hate My Bloody Valentine.

"And in the last few days (a strange one, this) I've Come To Hate Tom Waits."

Zone Styx Travelcard points out there actually is an update of the "You're gonna wake up one morning and know which side of the bed you've been lying on" T-shirt

To which Airport Through The Trees has a droll (yet also bleakly disquieting) twist...

Going against the grain, a young American by name of Kevin H suggested:

I hate "hate"

on a bunch of grounds: that it's "so easy dismissing and despising and being bored" and also "does the world need MORE?" and further, "most of the stuff we 'hate' we don't engage with thoroughly enough to be able to intelligently take down or understand what others see"

I tried to explain how it was this (mostly) British polarised-vision thing that kind of went back to the weekly music press and to the illiberalism and anti-tolerance of punk, I cited Morrissey's Viva Hate and Paul Weller's "knowing that someone in this life/loves with a passion called hate"... but I forgot to mention Julie Burchill's famous "Rock's Rich Tapestry" singles column, the one with this "my mind ain't so open"-style oration at the start about how she was proud to have blinkers and to only care about the Sex Pistols and Motown and how she didn't give two shits for Rock's Rich Tapestry (no, it was famous: in those days a music paper singles column could actually be talked about, an influence--on bands as well as writers)

Still I thought he had a point, Kev, in a way, maybe a brief burst of positivity is called for. Here goes...

I Love Micachu and the Shapes

I Love Ralph Lundsten's Gunnar Pa Lidarande and Erik XIV

I Love Electric Warrior

I Love In Treatment

I Love Summer Hours

I Love Ernesto Neto's anthropodino

and a relapse

I HATE Root Canal