Friday, June 04, 2010

Scott P from Pitchfork joins in the Journey discussion

Zone Styx says "I thought it was in the uk charts & collective mental jukebox largely
because it featured prominently on latest X Factor, as the calling card of the kid who ended up winning it.... but it looks like that came after Glee used it, so probably Glee gets all the credit... altho - also true that the X factor winner said he chose it because it was a local anthem when he was growing up in theory is it's always been very cheap/easy to license, so it's
ended up on every bargain best-of-the-80s, service station Drivetime
Classics comps"

i don't remember ever hearing it ever until I moved to America, and even then it was quite a while after i got here. Before Journey, the Massive Uplifting Rock Anthem Everybody Secretly Likes spot was filled by Aerosmith's "Dream On", which now seems to faded away.

Maybe it's the irredeemable kitsch of things like the below, which i saw on VH1 Classic the other day, that knocked Aerosmith off the Stadium Rock It's Okay To Like Pedestal

more suggestions for Political Consciousness Kitsch and Protest Schlock please!