Tuesday, December 07, 2010

it's the launch of a new series!


in which we scrutinise the shortfall between rhetoric and reality

in the post-everything omnigenre at whose hub radiates the polytentacled Altered Zones

Case #1: Gatekeeper

Reads like... the disco Ghost Box!

Sounds like... Front Line Assembly (with a pinch of Hoodlum Priest chucked in for good measure)

(indebted to this Synergy track so they say)

(see also this Gatekeeper tune that really had me flashing on one-page features by the Stud Brothers circa 1989)

Case #2: Cos/Mes

Reads like... something utterly amazing ("Cos/Mes's 'Gozmez Land' is a lush, tropical paradise where an advanced balearic civilisation resides in a state of permanent hypnotic enchantment. A land where exquisite Steve Reich peaks and Gamelan creatures fly through a Roger Dean rendering of the Paradise Garage, mesmerising as they intertwine with one another and the mathematically detailed foliage"--20 Jazz Funk Greats/Altered Zones)

Sounds like... Shpongle meets Gotan Project

Sounds like ... Pixar looks