Monday, December 05, 2011

happy haunting grounds

Prince Rama would have been a good one to discuss in the context of xenomania

post-everything Fifth Worldism in full effect

v.interesting interview with them at Altered Zones (RIP Altered Zones, sorry to see that shut down)

their concept of "ghost modernism" sounds a bit hauntological

"The core concept of now age is we're living in “ghost-modernism.” It's not really like post-modernism; it's beyond that now. It's gotten to a point where the past is just recapitulating itself through kitschh and nostalgia. Every new gesture is just an imprint of an old gesture. We're haunted by so many other past styles and tastes in so many ways..."

hauntology without the melancholy

the interweb-as-archive-as-cultural-unconscious = happy haunting grounds for modern spiritual seekers

check out their manifesto The Now Age: Meditations on Sound and the Architecture of Utopia

more bands should do manifestos

they're on Paw Tracks which fits as certain aspects of the music (loops, ecstasy, percussion) seem to take off from AC or Person Pitch but go much further into the 5th World

all these currents seem to be related at some level to an attempt to magically reconcile the desire for ethnos/communality/ritual/grounded-and-bounded-being with the very contemporary forces that work against that (cosmopolitanism/telecommunications/always-on connectivity/knowledge-overload/relativism/etc)

a postmodern tribalism reconciling roots and wi-fi