Wednesday, March 14, 2012

B-boys on E, part 789

calling the junglist cru

the nineteeen-ninety-four posse

listen to this

listen to about the 2.10 mark

that clunking sound

that'll be your jaw

hitting the floor

yes yes it is, it is

the mighty Omni Trio

the bit that starts about 1.26 into this:

nearly fainted with surprise when that came in

not so much sampled as just superimposed, or underimposed, with the original track... which up to that point is your standard thuggish-sexist rap but then (as the "kindness of Omni Trio" tender-hearted vibe kicks in) switches to more reflective, even vulnerable tone with "strugglin' to survive" lyric

digging deeper into the album by Tyga, aka the dude responsible for "Rack City", some more Nuumstuff crops up later:

not just that echo-chambered rave siren / foghorn-bleep as heard in countless nuum-trax (most recently on a track on Zomby's nuumological pastiche EP Nothing)

but half way through, quel surprise: gratuitous (and distinctly dire) deployment of dubstep wobblage (in attempt to copy "N****s In Paris"?)