Monday, April 02, 2012

on the topic of xenomania / nu-exotica:

Angus Finlayson at FACT on Diplo as globe trotting privateer hunter-gathering booty-shake booty...

which makes him a perfect icon for connectivity: the same data-flows that join together the world financial system and enable the flightiness of capital also allow for the mobility of cultural capital from local scenes to global ubiquity... at the start of the Blackberry commercial, he speaks of traveling the world "collecting influences"

reminded me of what Arthur Kroker and Michael A. Weinsteinwrote in the early 90s (in Data Trash) about how digital music technology prefigured transformations to cultural economy under globalisation: sampling as "the harvesting of energy from the local and the bounded for the global and unbounded"; samples as "archived body parts... disguised in the binary functionality of data and pooled into larger circulatory flows"; samplers/deejays as "vivisectionists, vampiring organic flesh, and draining its fluids into cold streams of telemetry..."

"Ours is a time of non-history that is super-charged by the spectacular flame-out of the detritus of the bounded energy of local histories"