Friday, November 23, 2012

If you haven't picked up the new issue of The Wire, there's a terrific piece by Matthew Ingram on That West Country Lot -- Hacker Farm, IX Tab, Kemper Norton -- and their pastoral-industrial sound.   Great photos by Jon Baker too -- strange it is indeed, after reading Kek-W's and Loki's blogs for years, to see what they actually look like.

In unofficial tandem, Pontone has a mix by IX Tab (that's Loki, a/k/a An Idiot's Guide To Dreaming, a/k/a Saxon Roach - no really, that's his real name) that lays out the "roots and traces... parapraxes and inarticulations, associations and mnemonics" behind the recent and excellent album Spindle & the Bregnut Tree (now out again in a "female version" on Twiggwytch Recordings)

Another That West Country Lot mix from Pontone, a primer on what they're calling Wyrd Albion, is in preparation.

Hacker Farm's new record UHF, also splendid, is released on December 10th by Exotic Pylon. Below is a promo film I hadn't noticed until now, where you can see some of their self-cobbled instruments.

Stop press - Kemper Norton also has a mini-album, titled Carn, out soon on Exotic Pylon.