Friday, January 04, 2013

drummage, #8

And for the penultimate post from me, a random selection of fave drumstuff...

Clem Burke here is both the stampede and the cowboys attempting to round up the herd

"A vicious beat like sharp gang boots clicking down the pavement" - Lester Bangs

Here, the rhythm section as a whole... that reverbed bass

Now, how often does this happen - a GREAT, for-the-ages, style-inventing drummer breaks away to start his own band, decides to chuck in the drums for the guitar, and ropes in his brother to take over the kit, who then turns out to be very nearly as great?

Talking of siblings in rock...

Nifty sticksmanship from Jim Macpherson

via Pixies to Throwing Muses

David Narcizo's churn on that tune always reminds a little of this...

Always, from the youngest age, thought the hook in this next one was Ringo's sssschluppeting, snake-hiss drum rolls

Could be anything from Cut, really

more Budgie love - the whole of Juju really, but i'll go with this because of the throw-them-down-stairs tumble toms

Banshees as Can ... Budgie as Jaki

The Doors - under rated as a pure groove band

Could have picked another dozen, easy (not bad for a band without a proper bassist)

Probably my favorite Bolan...  not especially deft, but Dionysian

The drumming and the bassing on Harmony of the Spheres is great throughout -- Richard Burgess and Billy Kristian respectively

... but particularly on  "Glittering Circles" (about 9-35 in) and "Fair Mirage" (from 16 mins or thereabouts - and big up also to John Martyn on rhythm guitar there in the song's home stretch)

The drums and the bass on that Neil Ardley record (which came out in 1978) and particularly on that second half of "Fair Mirage" remind me a bit of A Certain Ratio. Who for a moment in 1980 seemed like the ultimate in music to me, in large part because of the man behind the kit - Donald Johnson

Next and final - a look at Drummers Who Are Characters