Tuesday, March 12, 2013



20 years of "Mack Daddy Goldie"..                               

Well, 21, but who's counting...

(Whatever happened to DJ Freebase?) (Who was DJ Freebase?) (Is this him in the pic here?)

These should have gone into the anthology too...

Not as "important" / epochal as "Terminator" or "Angel" or the "Timeless" song-suite but that EP is my favorite of the G's work, his most concentrated slab of perfection. Just a notch ahead of this 4-tracker.

I've got Darkrider EP on vinyl, but before I found the vinyl I had it for years as a CD-single. Yes, for a while there, Reinforced put out CD-singles. (As did Moving Shadow, Shut Up and Dance, Suburban Base...)

But this The Alchemist anthology does not begin at the beginning. Before Darkrider, there was this:

Only just noticed the baked goods thematic on both sides of this debut 12 for Reinforced. Not that he's really talking biscuits or muffins of course...

Wasn't there something even before this?

                                      No, it turns out to be an Icelandic producer.