Thursday, May 30, 2013

A precursor to happy hardcore, but unlike what followed, there's that characteristic 1993 tinge of darkness to give it edge.

Captured perfectly in the vocal sample - cheesy and jaunty in style 'n' mood, but the lyrics lend themselves to the darkside agenda, i.e. insidiously preying on and amplifying the suppressed anxiety of dancers who've put themselves under various influences, and who maybe feel a little out of control, or like they're being controlled:  

"There's an invisible intruder / That's got inside your mind / Invading your sense of right and wrong / Making your conscience blind"

But where is it from, that sample?  Something about the voice makes me think of The Buggles, or Bruce Woolley and the Camera Club.  A lyric search turned up nothing. Any idea?

Ah, well, here's a thing - Chris Howell (aka Luna C and a dozen other names, also the founder of Knite Force) used the vocal once before when he was in Smart E's, on the album track "Intruder Alert". 

Basically a prototype for "Edge of Madness".

The Sublove remix is the killer one, but the original is also great, more raw and scratchadelic.

The other tracks on the EP

Some years ago Chris Kniteforce put the label's entire catalogue online for free. Then it seems he must have changed his mind, because, what do you know, there was actually a Kniteforce box set, Don't Die Wondering. You can also buy tracks individually in digital form. And a heap of free old skool mixes from back in the day.

And then, from earlier this year, a "retirement from making hardcore" announcement.