Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The idea of something from Bristol that's influenced by dub does make one reflexively yawn a bit...  but this Young Echo album Nexus is something else.

The way sounds trickle and levitate reminds me more of INA-GRM, your Rissets and such, or perhaps a latterday concrete-mixer like Christophe Charles (of Mille Plateaux). Monolake's Hongkong also sprang to mind.

At least until -- with both these tracks -- the vocals kick in and we're back in familiar Bristolian emotional landscapes: Martina Topley-Bird in a fugue state,  Robert Del Naja with seasonal affective disorder.  Living in one of England's prettiest cities, you'd be a lot more chipper, I'd have thought.

Luckily most of the record is instrumental.