Sunday, September 21, 2014

Very in-depth piece on PC Music (as in QT et al) by Philip Sherburne, although whether you should even go deep with something so determinedly shallow as the PC Music aesthetic is debatable. But then these sort of operations are never content to just be blank, are they? They can't resist showing how thought-through and conceptual the whole thing is.  Pointing out the references, the  precursors, the intent....  Just like the art world.

This one is even more Lola-like than "Hey QT"

Also reminds me of Sally Shapiro a bit.

This next one doesn't content itself with simple simulation, goes for the old push-to-extremes / distorting mirror approach, beats so hyper-eclectic and epileptic they never settle into a groove, sounds so cute and so shiny they hurt your ears....

Reminds me - in ludic-parodic spirit and some of the actual sonic techniques of mutation and disfigurement - a little of The Residents, or Morgan Fisher's Hybrid Kids project

PC also crop up in this new Adam Harper piece "The Online Underground: A New Kind of Punk?" at Resident Advisor