Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hauntology Parish Newsletter - November - eMMplekz, Advisory Circle, "Locomotion", and more

Ekoplekz continues his terrific 2014 (the recent Four Track Mind, his second album of the year on Planet Mu and even better than the first;  the Rock La Bibliotek EP on West Norwood Cassette Library) with the Influkz EP  and yet another ace eMMplekz collaboration with Mordant Music -  the C40 tape spool You Might Also Like , purchasable here

Also on Mordant Music, the vinyl reissue (or is it first time ever issue?) of Donald Fraser's OST to Geoffrey Jones's British Transport Film "Locomotion" (1975), electronic music involving playing by members of Steeleye Span would you believe.

On Ghost Box, a superb new record from The Advisory Circle - a return to sweetly creepy form after As The Crow Flies, which is a pleasant listen but never lingered in my memory. 

from the press release:
"The Advisory Circle (aka Jon Brooks) explores darker territory than on 2012’s more pastoral As The Crow Flies. This time Brooks hints at a Wyndham-esque science fiction story, where bucolic English scenery is being manipulated and maybe even artificially generated by bizarre multi-dimensional computer technology. Brooks’ strong sense of melody and composition is still evident as are his renowned sound design and production skills. Consequently the album is a rich and rewarding experience that subtly showcases a wealth of musical experience. The usual analogue synth sound palette is augmented with found-sound from antique tape reels and Brooks’ ever growing tangle of home built electronics."


There has also been alluring activity on those hauntology-outskirts known variously as West Country wyrdtronica / pastoral-industrial / Coil in green wellies

Kemper Norton's Loor

IX Tab's R.O.C. on Exotic Pylon

And this on Hacker Farm's label 19f3 - Concrete / Field's A Theory of Psychic Geography


Squarely back in the fold of Hauntology, this isn't a recent release  (May this year) but it's an enjoyable one

"On a day out at Pepperbox Hill in Wiltshire I watched my daughter and her friends playing and running about by the old folly. As I watched I wondered about all the things that this grand old building might have seen over the years; childrens' games, picnics, bonfires, fireworks, fights, fantastic freak outs, witches, warlocks, highwaymen, ladies watching for the hunt and the homeguard watching for an invasion. With these thoughts it was now time to record again" - Keith Seatman, blurb for Around the Folly and Down Hill.

Finally, judging by past form (i.e. the last seven years or so), there ought to be a Moon Wiring Club long-player any day now.