Thursday, December 11, 2014

Graham Sanford at Our God Is Speed joins in the Mouth Music thing,  turning it into a miniature version of the annual inter-blog nominate-your-faves thing a la Riffs / Solos / Drummage / Intros. Feel free to join in and make it less miniature.

Graham actually has some substantive things to say about his selections (in the first post, Yma Sumac + Roberts Wyatt and Ashley). Which I fear is beyond me at the present (quite busy). But I shall be posting for a while yet.

Happy to hear suggestions from the blog-less. Concept, if it's not apparent: music made up entirely of, or prominently featuring, vocal strangeness. Doesn't have to be extreme, either in its effects or its technique. Can be pleasant, lulling... but it should be a peculiar loveliness. Can be entirely produced from a live human throat, or involve  processing, tape-editing, etc of speech, found vocals, and so forth. Abstract/wordless or text-based.

So far the posts have harvested mainly from the fields of musique concrete, experimental singing, text-sound / poesie sonore, and been distinctly thin as regards jazz, field recordings, non-Western music.  Or for that matter, extreme metal, industrial, outsider folk etc. Frankly, I've got a limited appetite for Gothshit. Eerie rather than ghastly - that's my bias, my bag.