Tuesday, June 16, 2015

music music # 5

Daniel Barrow at A Scarlet Tracery points out a good one:

Although... I reckon it's much more a song about a drug than a song about music -  pretty certain the  "you" that improves music is not a person but a pill...  MDMA... perhaps even those delicious Mitshubishis around at the time

1 hour loop version!

As DB observes, DP's entire body of work contains a thick seam of dance-about-dance.

Well, Random Access Memories, regardless of what specific songs on it concern, is - on the macro level - framing concept, interviews, the Grand Statement / Throwdown /Polemic of how it was produced and the restraints embraced   -   entirely about music: bringing life back to music, remembering the future-past / past-future of music (in the genre-inventing aubiography-disco of "Giorgio By Moroder"), losing yourself to dance, etc

But this here is my favorite out of all of Daft Punk's  meta-matter, and it happens to have the most on-the-nose title too!

Now, regarding other candidates that simply have the word "Music" in the title and nothing else, let me advise that -

Madonna will be denied admission

But Bukem

For Bukem, I might just build a throne...

Back to Daft Punk and music-reflexivity, here's their private pantheon tribute track, showing how the RAM-like meta tendencies were there right from the start -

Not nearly as good as LFO's equivalent, though