Tuesday, October 20, 2015

mouth music (and beak, and mandible)

Tobias Fischer & Lara Cory Animal Music - Book + CD 01 September 2015

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1. Tikal Dawn - Andreas Bick, Germany
2. hermetica – Daniel Blinkhorn, Australia
3. Amazons & Parrots – Rodolphe Alexis, France
4. Grand Canal Springs – Tom Lawrence, Ireland
5. seals – Martin Clarke, United Kingdom
6. BOTO – Artificial Memory Trace, Ireland
7. Adélie_penguins - Craig Vear, United Kingdom
8. Pilot Whales - Heike Vester, Norway/Germany
9. Brame, septembre 2011 - Marc Namblard, France
10. formica aquilonia, sweden - Jez Riley French, United Kingdom
11. Schwebfliegen - Lasse Marc Riek, Germany
12. central mongolian high mountain range habitat - Patrick Franke, Germany
13. Otus spilocephalus - Yannik Dauby, France
14. untitled#292 - Francisco Lopez, Spain
15. Summer Sunset 01 - Eckhard Kuchenbecker, Germany
16. Waldkauz-Balz - Walter Tilgner, Germany
17. What Birds Sing - David Rothenberg, USA

"Do animals speak to each other? What do their songs mean? Will we ever be able to understand them and talk back?

Ever since the accidental discovery of whale song in 1967, the idea of complex animal sentience has been gaining strength within the scientific community. A growing number of researchers and academics are exploring the idea that animals enjoy music on a similar level to human beings. 

Animal Music is the first anthology to present an overview of the current state of this vital debate. Tobias Fischer and Lara Cory, the editors of online platform 15 Questions, have spoken to the leading scientists, researchers and musicians in the field to uncover hidden meanings and new perspectives. They visit the world’s largest library of animal sounds, hack into the mysterious sonic world of shrimps, travel back in time to the point where animal and human songs diverged, and decode the latest neuroscientific findings about animal music and communication.

The book includes exclusive interviews with Chris Watson, Jana Winderen, Yannick Dauby, Slavek Kwi and Geoff Sample as well as features on Bernie Krause, David Rothenberg and Olivier Messiaen and many more."