Friday, June 17, 2016

mouth music (stutterlalia and stammerdelia)

Now, tell me, is the section from 2.34 to about 4.20 the first ever example of that gabbling glossalalic stutter-trick of playing the vocal bit on the sampling keyboard in the higher octaves? Early 1983. I wonder who was responsible - Arthur Baker, John Robie, or Jellybean Benitez?

(Loathed this song at the time for its squawky shrill chorus - much preferred Freez circa "Southern Freez" with Ingrid Mansfield Allman  singing - but the dub mix is pretty tuff I must admit...)

Similar sort of stammer-vox in this Jellybean tune from about 4.23 although vocal starts spiraling weird from 4.00... 

Produced by Robie 

I think we can conclude that Robie is the pioneer then - viz. his subtle deployment of the E-mu Emulator (the Emulator being the first sampler that worked using a keyboard I believe) on this tune, also from '83. 

A song otherwise best known as the source of the vocal bits in "Aftermath" by Nightmares on Wax. 

Well, but then there was also this from '83 with the avant-silly voice-stabs

'Beat Box' reworked in 84

second side of Into Battle with the eternal "Moments in Love"