Saturday, September 16, 2023

Hauntology Parish Newsletter: Exchange Student Program

Here's a cool side-project by two members of the hauntology-aligned Ghost Box groop Beautify Junkards - João Branco Kyron and Tony Watts  aka Hidden Horse

Here's what I said of the new album Incorporeal, which is out now in vinyl and digital editions on Holuzam:

A startling step sideways from Beautify Junkyards’s sweetly spooky psychedelia, this parallel project brings the New Sonic Architecture of Eighties electronica into the 21st Century. Spacious and eerie, these glistening vistas bear comparison with Cabaret Voltaire, Chris & Cosey, and The Tear Garden, as well as moodscape artists like Burial and Actress. Unmissable.”

Jim Jupp also chips in: 

"A journey through odd spaces and echoing caverns, powered along by angular rhythms and hypnotic sequencers. An electronic, motorik tapestry that feels both industrial and organic - like a dystopian Harmonia. Utterly beguiling!"

You can buy it via Norman Records, Juno, or Boomkat

Here's a track from Hidden Horse's first album Opala