Thursday, August 05, 2004

Also in this month's Uncut, a page and half Album of the Month review of The Libertines' second album. Again, sheer disbelief that anyone could care about this document of a band falling apart. The conjunction of Alan McGee, Mick Jones (producing), and Bill Price (engineering, Never Mind The Bollocks/Guns N'Roses pedigree), enough to get K-Punk's guts writhing. I'm reading about the crack and the smack, the lines and the lies, thinking "God this was lame and embarrassing and played-out when The Only Ones did it 25 years ago" when, lo and behold, just a few paragraphs later the first song "Can't Stand Me Now" is described by reviewer James Oldham as having "a propulsive backing reminiscent of The Only Ones."

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